It all started with Cathleen.

In 2016 she went to bed not knowing that a huge part of her life was about to change. And it did.


I know we’re all still mourning the closure of Disneyland but let’s just take a second to remember the lyrics from Cinderella,

“A dream is a wish your heart makes
When you’re fast asleep”

Well folks that’s what happened. Literally. 

Cathleen says it herself:

“In 2016 I woke up from a dream I had about creating a slip. I wanted it to be different, flattering, and able to work with any dress or skirt. I immediately drew a sketch of what I saw in the dream and I haven’t stopped creating ever since! Just a few years later and all my hopes and wishes are finally coming true!”

A dreamer and a doer. That’s the type of person she is. My mom has always naturally thought outside of the box. She has a unique eye and a passion for fashion. When she dreamt of creating a slip that would resolve the frustrations she was personally facing in her closet she couldn’t help but make it come to life. In the beginning, it was just a drawing on a piece of paper. She then shared her idea with a trusted friend and local seamstress. After picking the right fabrics, trims, and laces her very first slip was born.

The first slip ever created which ended up being the inspiration for the Eloise.

As time went on she began to introduce the idea to me about turning it into a business. If you want my honest opinion, I didn’t think much of it. I casually would nod my head thinking that it probably wouldn’t turn into anything and my mom was simply just excited about something new she created. Boy was I wrong.

It wasn’t long before she was hiring web designers, photographers, and sewers to help her dream become a reality. One day I received a call from her asking for help. I was a full-time college student and working part-time. Starting a business was the last thing on my mind.

But we went for it. Together.

2-year-old Kelsi, Cathleen’s daughter, with her slip showing before the company had even begun!

Fast forward hundreds of hours of creating, designing, emailing, picture taking, editing, tears shed, and a business was born. There is so much we have learned in the past year(ish) of doing this and so much more we have yet to learn. It’s a day by day process for sure. But despite living on opposite ends of California we make it work. My mom handles all things inventory, designing, and shipping out orders. I manage our social media, website, and send out emails to our subscribers. We’re in this together and it’s all worth it because of YOU.

We seriously could not be where we are without your support. So thanks for being here and being apart of this dream that has quite literally come to life. If you’re dreaming about creating the life you know you’ll love then wake up and do it! People say there’s no better time than the present and that has never been more true. We’re ordinary people. We shop at Target, get gas at Costco, and stay up late watching movies. We value spending time with family, our dishes pile up, and yet somehow in between all the ordinary moments we believed in something that could work and found that there was something more extraordinary for us to do.

What is your extraordinary calling? More importantly, what is holding you back from doing it?

We hope you’ll go for it because we believe in you. You’ve got this.


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p.p.s. We think you’re super great. xoxo!