Talk about my dream of all dreams coming true just two years into this business? Yeah, I’m still pinching myself! PART 1 We received a message on Instagram from Luciana, a stylist at Walnut Creek Anthropologie. I will admit, I did a double-take because I simply could not believe what I was reading. She was […]

It all started with Cathleen. In 2016 she went to bed not knowing that a huge part of her life was about to change. And it did. HERE’S HOW – I know we’re all still mourning the closure of Disneyland but let’s just take a second to remember the lyrics from Cinderella, “A dream is […]

Are you on the fence about buying a slip? Maybe you’re new here or maybe you’ve been around for a while. Either way, you’re here because you want to know the answer to the golden question… IS IT REALLY WORTH THE PURCHASE? YES. Let me explain… We believe in sustainable fashion. When you buy a […]

Fighting off heatstroke? Hate going outside because it’s too hot? Settling for basketball shorts and a t-shirt because there’s no such thing as being comfortable and cute? Let’s face it – summer is here and the heat isn’t going away any time soon. Here’s the thing… you don’t have to be miserable. You don’t have […]

Lucky 13… ahh it’s the campaign that has really set the foundation for this company. There has always been a huge place in our hearts for others but especially women. We want to serve them, build them, and learn from them. Since starting My Slip’s Showing we have come across several different women in our […]

Hello November! The weather is changing and we’re officially in the fall season. Depending on where you live it might even feel more like winter by now. Today we’re talking about how to style our slips. Let’s review a couple of things. Each slip is unique on its own. The Grace offers a look of […]

Okay, let’s chat for a second about the name of our company, My Slip’s Showing. How did we decide on it? What’s the real meaning behind it? The answer is simple and yet eye-opening in every way, so let’s get to it! In the women’s fashion industry a slip is worn for various purposes. Here […]

“I love your slips, but I was surprised when I found out the price!” This is a concern we have received from a handful of customers over the last few weeks of our launch. We are here to say, WE GET IT. Starting a new business comes with a lot of excitement and naturally a […]

Let’s get to it. Starting a business is hard. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and everything in between. It requires every ounce of patience one has in them to get that brilliant idea from the mind to the market. However, there is a level of excitement that comes with it. It’s exhilarating, liberating, and empowering to see […]