Talk about my dream of all dreams coming true just two years into this business? Yeah, I’m still pinching myself!


We received a message on Instagram from Luciana, a stylist at Walnut Creek Anthropologie.
I will admit, I did a double-take because I simply could not believe what I was reading. She was extending an invitation for us to have our slips featured in her store for a pop-up beginning of August.
We were elated.
I contacted Luciana and spoke with her on the phone. It was a very nice conversation.
I asked, “How did you find us?” She simply replied saying she had noticed our model, Roz, who used to work for them and began following us. She liked what she had been seeing and thought the clients of Anthropologie would love our product.
She said they are always commenting “this dress is too short or too low, etc.” We gladly accepted the invitation with great anticipation.


We began preparing for the popup at Anthro quite quickly. My mind was racing nonstop with ideas, nerves, doubts, and excitement. I couldn’t believe what was really happening.
We arrived and I was able to meet Luciana. The store was not busy when we arrived, which allowed us reasonable time to display our product and add some personality to the tables.

I had a brown leather suitcase I purchased a long time ago from a vintage shop. In it, I brought outfits our Instagram audience and friends helped us choose to help showcase them.  I loved that they played a part in this journey! We always appreciate added help from our followers. It gives us perspective.
We had support from some of our family members who drove all the way down to see us as the “Show” began. Loved that as well.
It was so nice to get to know the other vendors. I really liked the comradery that was apparent between all of us. The employees at Anthro were a delight. I felt their full support as they would mingle around the store busy doing their jobs with a smile on their face. Anthro employees are like Disneyland employees.
I found this to be true with the customers as well. Many thought I was an employee, so I was able to introduce them to our slips and visit with them and help them find staff members for further assistance.
As customers would come, and realize the concept of “My Slip’s Showing” more began to listen. I was able to help multiple customers at a time.
It was thrilling to hear them say “Oh, I get it! This is Genius!” or “I need this! Wow. What a concept!” or “How did you think of this? It’s Sustainable?? I love it even more. The cotton floral bags are such a nice way to receive them! How can I wear it?  Let me count the ways!”

And the comments continued.


One of our customers loved it so much, an hour later she came back and purchased a 2nd one! I was grateful and humbled.


Back to the leather suitcase. I really like this story.
A woman approached our set up and I could see her admiring the suitcase.  I said, “This is where I keep the outfits that can be worn with our slips. Go ahead and touch it.” I opened the suitcase and she felt the inside and ran her fingers across it. She then told me her grandfather had one just like it. She said she had a dream about him last night. I watched her as she got quiet. She said today would have been his 91st birthday. We both looked at each other and understood to some degree how meeting one another on that day could take her back in time and feel the love of her grandfather.
This was a beautiful experience for me. It’s times like these that remind me of our campaign, “Lucky 13“, and how we all need support, love, time, and even friendship as we travel this journey together. And all it was, was a “popup” with My Slip’s Showing at Anthropologie, a suitcase, and time for a conversation.
We appreciated the invitation and the experiences we had. We are grateful for the sales and for those that understood we can “Wear what we want when we want with NO restrictions.”
One of my favorite days EVER!