Hello November!

The weather is changing and we’re officially in the fall season. Depending on where you live it might even feel more like winter by now. Today we’re talking about how to style our slips.

Let’s review a couple of things. Each slip is unique on its own. The Grace offers a look of elegance with a v-neck yolk neckline along with simple and flowy sleeves. The Eloise gives off a more simple, yet bold statement with its sheer and square neckline and the Pear…oops…wait a second… she hasn’t been released yet but GOOD NEWS! We have a new style coming in SOON. We think you’re going to love it.

Anyways, back to styling! As we always say… the options are ENDLESS. Everyone’s style is so unique. When you wear our slips, we don’t want you to adopt our style, rather, we want that slip to be adopted into your own unique look. It’s funny because sometimes people come to us and say, “So what should I wear with it? I feel like I should go shopping for some new things!”

FRIENDS. Can we call you friends? We’re going to because that’s how much we care about you. You do not need to buy new clothes. WE REPEAT: you do not need to buy new clothes! Chances are, you’ve already got tons of existing outfits in your closet that are waiting to be worn with our slips. The best part is, adding a slip to it will make it feel like a brand new outfit!

Still haven’t convinced you that you don’t have clothes you can wear with it? Alright then.

Please answer the following questions:

1.) Do you own a dress?

2.) Do you own a skirt?

3.) Do you own a sweater?

4.) Do you own a tunic?

Please note that what we didn’t ask was if any of those items were low-cut, too short, or too revealing in any way. I mean… if you have those then GREAT. Our slips are definitely going to solve those issues for you and offer the coverage you need.

This model is wearing a midi wrap dress featuring The Eloise in ivory.

But what about those of you who don’t have the revealing clothes in your closet? Here’s the thing. We aren’t saying to go buy immodest clothes so our slips can solve the issue. We’re saying next time you are out shopping and you see a dress/tunic/sweater/etc that you love but thought you could never buy because of the immodesty issues, now you CAN. We’re also saying you don’t even have to go shopping. Period.

This model is wearing a maxi dress highlighting the neckline of The Grace in ivory.

Who loves midi dresses? We do! We own quite a lot of them and it seems midi dresses are totally in for the season. You might be thinking, “Yeah but see, your slips are too short to show on a midi dress.” That’s true! Our slips are only meant to go MID-KNEE no matter what your size is. Depending on your height, you might be able to get away with a little more length. However, our slips might adjust up to 4 inchesĀ in length but the max length that they go to is mid-knee. So back to the midi dresses. That’s why our slips have those “one of a kind” necklines we were mentioning earlier. The detailed length doesn’t always have to show. Whoever said it had to? Wearing a midi or maxi dress is totally okay because you can still enhance that outfit by showing off the detailed neckline of our slips.

Have a sweater you love that you’d typically wear over leggings with boots? Next time keep the leggings on the shelf and see what it looks like paired with a slip. Have a dress you typically wear with tights to make it look less short? Keep the tights and add our slip to create the length and dimension you’re going for. Do you get where we’re coming from? We want you to know that you already have the ways to style our slips right there in your closet. Get creative and then send us some photos of how you styled our slips! Above all remember, yes, our slips are meant to show, but you determine what and how much you want to show. There are no rules!

That’s all for today friends.

All the best,

The My Slip’s Showing Team

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