Okay, let’s chat for a second about the name of our company, My Slip’s Showing. How did we decide on it? What’s the real meaning behind it? The answer is simple and yet eye-opening in every way, so let’s get to it!

In the women’s fashion industry a slip is worn for various purposes.

Here are a few we discovered from Wikipedia:

  • They help a dress or skirt hang properly
  • They protect the skin from chafing against coarse fabrics such as wool
  • A slip may be worn for warmth
  • Slips are often worn to prevent the show through of intimate undergarments
  • A slip may also be used to prevent a silhouette of the legs showing through clothing when standing in front of a bright light

If you’re a woman and you’ve worn a slip before, you probably agree with every bullet point we just listed. Slips are amazing! They provide that extra layer of protection, modesty, and comfort we all need. But how do our slips differ from all of the others?


My Slip’s SHOWING… get it?!

Our slips are not made to be hidden. Hello – have you seen them?! Who would want to cover up all that extra lace and delicate detail? Not us!

When deciding on the name of our brand, we wanted it to be consistent with our product, easy to remember, and unique at the same time. My Slip’s Showing was the answer. It’s unique, quick to remember, and matches the purpose behind our slips, that being, they are meant to show!

To our past, current, and future customers – don’t hide the slip. Let it show. Buy that low-cut, sleeveless dress you’ve been wanting for so long but never knew how to wear! Pair it with one of our slips and BOOM – magic happens! You get to decide what you want to show off and how much. So if you need extra length, we’ve got it. If you want a higher neckline, we’ve got it. If you don’t want your dress to be see-through, we can help with that too.

The beauty behind these slips is that you don’t have to pay for a product that just ends up being hidden! You pay for added protection, modesty, comfort, AND the endless amount of outfits when pairing one of our slips with the clothes you already have in your closet.

So there you have it, the purpose behind My Slip’s Showing in a nutshell.

Interested in how others have worn our slips? Check out these beautiful women who have found ways to show off our slips in their own unique way. (See more options on how to style our slips here.)

Lynn in The Grace in Ivory
Nathalie in The Eloise in Nude
Jenny in The Grace in Ivory