“I love your slips, but I was surprised when I found out the price!”

This is a concern we have received from a handful of customers over the last few weeks of our launch.

We are here to say, WE GET IT.

Starting a new business comes with a lot of excitement and naturally a lot of pressure. Prior to launching My Slip’s Showing, we were concerned about how our potential customers would react when they saw what it would cost them financially. So what’s the reason? Why are they priced the way they are?

Here is WHY:

  1. Our slips offer modesty
    The Eloise in Ivory

    We understand the frustrations that come when trying to find something you love with the coverage you need within the fashion industry. When we say we understand it’s because we’ve been there! We have been in your same shoes where you’ve seen something so cute but thought, “Darn, it’s just too revealing.” or “I wish it wasn’t so low cut!” or “I would really buy this if only it were a few inches longer.” Our slips are of such value because they solve the whole modesty issue! If you’re needing sleeves to go under that skinny strapped dress, we’ve got you. If you need some length to hide the parts you don’t want showing, we’ve got you. Modesty, in general, is important to our company and if we can provide you with both the style and coverage you’re looking for, well…problem solved!

  2. Our slips are adjustable
    The Grace in Nude with our buttoned adjustment

    While our slips might be pleasing to the eye, the real hidden gem is in their ability to adjust higher or lower in up to four inches in length. This feature is so useful because it caters to women of all shapes and sizes. If you have a tall, thin figure, you don’t need to order a size large in hopes it will be long enough. This is where the adjustment comes in! Our slips are true to size and hug your body in all the right places. Sizing up or down is no longer an issue. Stick with your true size and however short or long you want your slip is determined completely up to you!

  3. Our slips are organic 

    If you’ve already purchased a slip, felt one, or worn one, you know how good the quality is. Previous customers have stated, “They feel like butter!” That might seem like a funny analogy, but it’s one of the most meaningful compliments we can receive. We have chosen quality and eco-friendly bamboo fabrics to ensure all forms of comfort and flexibility. There is no awkward static, stickiness, or riding up with these slips. They naturally move with you and it’s likely you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!

Overall, our “all in one” slips are unique, high quality, and stand out among the rest. Every ounce of each slip is taken into great care by being individually steamed and checked prior to sending them out. When we say we want the very, very best for our customers, we mean it.


“My goal is to bring the cost down. I am constantly trying and will continue to offer quality fashion for all of our customers within a price range that will be budget-friendly without sacrificing the quality. I will be offering giveaways and discounts periodically to show how much I understand the investment each customer is making, and in some cases a sacrifice, but in the end, it is worth it. Each customer can (and hopefully will) wear the slips over and over again. I am confident that my slips will solve problems you never knew you could fix.”

– Cathleen, the founder of My Slip’s Showing

In other words, hang in there! If you’re living on a budget, we’ve got you. Sales, discount codes, and giveaways are on their way. You can stay up to date by following us on Instagram or Facebook. You can also be the first to know about these upcoming deals by subscribing to our monthly newsletter here.

We can’t thank you enough for being here!! Every decision that is made in this business is 100% centered around customer satisfaction. We have your sense of style and budget in mind. We appreciate your patience and support as we seek to give you the best product for the best price.

All the best,

The My Slip’s Showing Team