Fighting off heatstroke? Hate going outside because it’s too hot? Settling for basketball shorts and a t-shirt because there’s no such thing as being comfortable and cute?

Let’s face it – summer is here and the heat isn’t going away any time soon. Here’s the thing… you don’t have to be miserable. You don’t have to leave all of those cute summer clothes hanging in your closet. You CAN be comfortable AND cute!

I know what you’re thinking. “Wait, but a slip? Adding ANOTHER layer when it’s already so hot? No…just no!”

We get it. It sounds crazy. But bamboo baby. She’s the real deal. We only make our slips out of real, natural bamboo fibers to ensure you feel comfortable in ANY type of weather setting.

This model is wearing The Grace in ivory.

We’re talking about a slip that becomes a second layer of skin. The non-restrictive type that doesn’t ride up your legs when you walk or sit down. The kind that will literally wick away sweat when it feels hotter than hades. To top it off, it’s even organic so you feel like you’re saving the environment while also looking like Beyonce. A win-win for sure.

Don’t believe us? Then trust those who have been in your shoes before. Real customers. Real people. Real, raw, honest reviews about a product they love but didn’t know they needed.

Here’s what they have to say:

“I love my new slip. It’s so soft it’s like a second skin and so many dresses from my wardrobe have been resurrected thanks to it. It’s not only beautiful on its own, but makes everything I wear it with even more beautiful.” – Susan

“Your outfit looks layered without feeling weighed down. It’s light, soft, and comfortable.” – Jenica

“I love The Eloise! It is so comfortable and doesn’t make you feel hot or confined like extra layers sometimes do. It adds such a cute, different twist to all my outfits.” – Taylor

“It’s the softest material I’ve ever felt. It fits true to size and is very versatile. It has such pretty, feminine lace details on the hem and neckline that makes it so unique and the favorite slip in my closet.” – Ana

“It is very beautiful, but even more importantly it is so comfortable. It is so soft and the fabric does not cling or bunch up like most slips I have worn. I love how this slip has given me endless possibilities when shopping for a new dress or skirt. ” – Lynn

“I love that I can be modest in my clothing without feeling frumpy like I usually do when I would pair my dresses with a t-shirt. Beautiful… just beautiful!” – Kristine

So yes, ANOTHER layer. The kind that doesn’t even feel like it exists but gives you all the confidence in yourself and opportunities to put those summer clothes hanging in your closet to use. We’re not saying don’t settle for the basketball shorts and t-shirt. We’re saying – now you don’t have to anymore.

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